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Here you will find workshops and events open to everyone. Some events may require you to book places for everyone who will be attending, please check before attending.

Please keep an eye on the events listing below and our social media for updates. We will endeavour to provide access information and anything you else you may need to know but if you have a question, please email

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Hardwick Hall - Woven Tales & Whirling Images

Tuesday 28th May 2024

Discover how Hardwick Hall’s fantastic textile collection tells stories, before exploring how animation has progressed through history to tell moving stories. We’ll have a go at analogue and digital animation led by professional artists.

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Pleasley Pit - From Pithead to Pixels

Thursday, 30th May 2024

We will mix analogue and digital, 3D and 2D with a focus on headstocks, the iconic landscape feature. We’ll explore model making, photography, photo manipulation and projection.

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