Sweep Away the Silence Showcase 2022

In September 2022 we were able to launch the interactive exhibition, designed by Cora Glasser, within Creswell Crags to over 400 visitors. The exhibition involved participant light paintings, perfumes inspired by Creswell’s heritage, spell poems, audio recordings, game characters and a new Bitsy game, Mother Grundy’s protection.

Curiosity Academy 2022

A week of STEAM activities with Cora Glasser and guest artists inspired by Creswell Crags. We also took a very special trip to Bletchley Park.

Heritage Hacks 2022

Pop-up workshops at Creswell Crags including light painting and spell poems with local poet Tyler Turner.

Hardwick Hall Showcase 2021

A three days of STEAM activities with people of all ages at Hardwick Hall.

Framework Knitters Museum Trip 2021

As part of the Curiosity Academy we took a group of participants to The Framework Knitters Museum in Ruddington. Here we saw the only knitting frames in the world that are still worked! We knitted code into a sock and even saw a piece of the Mars Rover parachute that had been to NASA.

Curiosity Academy 2021

A three days of STEAM activities with people of all ages at Hardwick Hall. Participants has the chance to delve deeper into the history of Hardwick Hall and explore steganography – the practice of concealing messages.

Curiosity Boxes!

Here are the ‘Curiosity Boxes’ that were delivered to primary schools in Derbyshire in 2020,deatured along side the amazing artworks created by year 6 pupils!

This Girl Codes: 2019/20 Showcase

To end our first year of This Girl Codes, Lead Artist Cora Glasser took the work produced through our online activity ‘Atomic Poems’ – which introduced the life and works of Margaret Cavendish through our unique Fibonacci Poetry Generator – to create site-specific installations at Bolsover Castle, in the very places that inspired Margaret. The resulting video, photographs and 3D models by Cora are delicate, intimate expressions that respond to their heritage setting. The progression from strong historical female voice and poetry writing to Fibonacci algorithms, 3D printing and art installation encapsulates the STEAM approach of This Girl Codes completely.


To find out more about the workings of our ‘Atomic Poems’ activity and the installation at Bolsover Castle, please read Cora Glasser’s blog post here

'This box sparked their interest in something new that they hadn't seen before'

Heath Primary School Teacher

'They were excited about it and when their circuit didn't work, they wanted to find out why and debug it. They enjoyed finding out about the local women too'

New Bolsover Primary School Teacher