In 2023 we were excited to take on the challenge of working with two heritage sites and link them through a common theme.

How Voices from the Past Affect the Future

In 2023 This Girl Codes partnered with Creswell Crags and Bolsover Castle (English Heritage) investigating the theme of ‘How Voices from the Past Affect the Future’.

We commissioned two new lead artists, Rachel Scanlon and Sian Watson-Taylor who devised and delivered 11 days of STEAM activities and an amazing showcase event. We also worked with some talented guest artists to bring their specialist skills to the project. Phil Pearson brought music, Samantha Peberdy led virtual reality workshops, Kakou CIC made animals talk with electronics, Tyler Turner brought creative writing and Jim Brouwer helped us become part of a green screen film. All these workshops were hugely inspiring, fun, and creative and resulted in incredible artwork which showed alternative stories of both heritage sites.

In March 2024 we held a 6-week showcase exhibition at Creswell Crags with a launch event that was a huge taste test of workshops we’d done throughout the year. We also took the exhibition on a trip to Bolsover Castle which was special to see work inspired by Margaret Cavendish highlight her story and presence on site.

“Even if you’ve been to the heritage site before this is totally different and a different look at the heritage.” – participant quote.

“It was equally available to both my girls and boys, but really educated my children about powerful women throughout history in our local area.” – participant quote.

“That’s amazing! It’s like I’m really there” – participant in the VR workshop

“Who’d have ever thought it would be possible to do something like that.” – participant using the touch board kit to make a sculpture speak